For now, my plan is to continue writing these monthly updates and then also produce my bimonthly email newsletter which will be more in-depth. You can pay a small fee to subscribe to the newsletter or pay nothing to subscribe to it. Both options are fine with me. I’m so grateful to those who have […]


Hi. Welcome to the little website I made over the last few weeks. I decided to do this after some time of thinking about social media (where for now I’ll just be reading, not posting) and about how I want to spend my creative time. Everything of note should be housed here, from the content […]


Here’s a short comic. Here’s another one. – A Universal History of Iniquity, Jorge Luis Borges Fictions, Jorge Luis Borges Artificies, Jorge Luis Borges The Aleph, Jorge Luis Borges The Flamethrowers, Rachel Kushner Cometbus 58, Aaron Cometbus Comix School 6, Kevin Huizenga Comix School 7, Kevin Huizenga Angel of a Rope, Adam Buttrick Now 1, […]


Here’s a short comic about an iceberg. – Telex from Cuba, Rachel Kushner 2001, Blaise Larmee Pope Hats 5, Ethan Rilly By Monday I’ll Be Floating in the Hudson with the Other Garbage, Laura Lannes Diana’s Electric Tongue, Carolyn Nowak I’m Not Here, GG Sex Fantasy, Sophia Foster Dimino Anti-Gone, Connor Willumsen – I went […]


I adapted a Flannery O’Connor short story called The Life You Save May Be Your Own. I made a few key changes from the original in hopes of saying something about the story and about O’Connor’s work in general. – I didn’t read any books or comics this month. I’m annoyed and discouraged! This hasn’t […]


Here’s a short comic about the future. I’ve been using this technique of subtle digital color over colored pencil for several recent strips – it masks some of the weird color variations in the color pencil scans, and shifting the colors can affect tone within the strip in interesting ways. It also allows me to […]


New comic available for preorder! Debuts at SPX and ships out to you in late September. N is a sequel to M, a comic I published in 2015. N is a comic about storytelling, family, and coming home. N is three short stories drawn in different styles but actually one long story drawn in the […]


Two new comics this month, both related to the Warmer anthology: my full strip for the book was posted on Guernica, and I also drew a second short piece appropriating words and images from other Warmer contributors. – Swimming Studies, Leanne Shapton Beloved, Toni Morrison Six Memos for the Next Millennium, Italo Calvino Invisible Cities, Italo […]


It’s the final week for Warmer! We’re $1000 away from our goal so now is the time to pledge if you haven’t done so. Thanks again for all the support and help with promoting the Kickstarter so far; I really appreciate it. This short comic isn’t included in Warmer, but it combines words and images […]