I spent September planning Black Pillars Issue Two and not doing a ton of drawing. It was a frustrating process for quite some time, but over the last two weeks or so some key pieces have fallen into places and I’ve started to get excited about the comic. I’m going to try to draw a first draft – that’s about 48 pages – in one sustained burst of energy in October. I’ll probably then set the comic aside for a few weeks to work on some other projects and hopefully come back to it with fresh eyes.

I usually do about 10 or 12 finished pages per month so for me this is a little ambitious. It’s also different from my approach for the first issue, which was to complete one story, minus a few edits, before moving on to the next one.

There are several reasons why I’ve decided to try this approach, but I’ll probably be able to talk about them more articulately once the comic is actually completed. I’ve always benefited from setting goals, and I’ve often benefited from posting about them online to encourage myself to follow through. So that’s what I’m doing now.