Here, in chronological order, are the comics I have published in 2013. I don’t think I forgot anything. Maybe you would enjoy reading some of these over the approaching holiday.  Online Comics Workbook One Page Comics (I drew about 170 this year!) Travel (from We Will Remain) Ghosts, or About the Author Pawn Murder She Wrote (written by Sean […]

Two Important Links

1) Frank Santoro’s Correspondence Course is currently open for applications. If you’ve followed my work for a while, you may know that I took the course in 2012. Here is the comic I made with Frank’s help, and here is something I wrote about the course shortly after completing it. I recommend that you take […]

what current trends in comics (and comics criticism) do you like and dislike? what kind of things do you do other than create art and comics ?

Um, off the top of my head…I like how people have been talking about criticism lately. That’s interesting, except when it’s boring and frustrating. I like micropublishers a lot. I like pamphlet comics and serialization. I dislike Kickstarters that don’t provide line item descriptions of how the money will be spent, though I guess I […]

What did you consider most important in your own work starting out? And have you, since then, shifted priorities?

I mean, not that time has elapsed between now and when I was starting out. This probably sounds like a typical cartoonist humblebrag, but I’m young! I feel like I’m still starting out! Anyways, to my memory I focused on straightforward things like drawing well and figuring out the basic mechanics of comics like panel-to-panel […]

What tools are currently using to create comics?

At the moment I draw straight to ink with Pentel brush pens dipped into this ink or Microns. Tracing paper and some lightboxing instead of penciling on bristol. Though I do a tiny bit of underdrawing in red mechanical pencil when necessary (trying to shed that), and I still use bristol when I’m doing inkwashes or something and […]

Why comics?

I have lots of thoughts about why comics is really great and interesting as a medium, but it’s not like I ever sat down and made a pro/con list of comics versus art/writing/whatever else I might have decided to pursue creatively. I think, more than anything else, it is just that making comics seemed more […]