Did Comics Workbook the Magazine give up on printing comics? Looks as if #6 (like #5) will be all text pieces. I liked the way #4 had a bunch of short strips.

It’s interesting, some people really liked the comics being included and others not at all. We decided to try going all text for a few issues (#3 also had no comics) for a few reasons. First, it’s harder to edit comics than text, and while it’s important to let people do their own thing and […]

Riding the tail of Derik’s question: Would you tell us a little more about how specific influences play a part in your work and process? You’ve mentioned Mondrian, shoujo and shonen before, what about them do you find yourself referencing? (Here’s where I admit complete ignorance of manga, so anything on that subject will be totally new to me.)

(Derik’s question is here, for anyone following along) Yeah, the story that I’m finishing up now is very consciously influenced by Mondrian and shoujo in terms of layout and pacing. A structure where panel size and shape became integral to the work seemed a logical next step after a long time using primarily grids, where […]

Why is Comics Workbook Magazine so short and printed on shitty paper? You might actually make some sales if you put a little work into the presentation. Or just make a Kickstarter, stop whining about how you’re losing money.

The format has its drawbacks, but makes it more feasible both financially and in terms of workload for us to put out issues regularly. It also makes the magazine more affordable for people, which is important to us. We’re discussing ways to make a little more money – don’t think a Kickstarter is likely – […]

Are you reading any manga these days? I remember reading the first comic of yours i saw and thinking you were manga influenced, but maybe I just imagined it.

 Yes! I’ve read a bunch of manga lately. Reread all my Yokoyama books. Travel is the best but they’re all so good. Pink by Kyoko Okazaki. I like how fast and loose it’s drawn; it’s interesting how that sometimes works really well but some panels are off the mark completely. Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa […]


enui: Co. A collaboration between Andrew White and Thales Lira. This was really fun to make! Thales and I just passed drafts back and forth until we came up with something we both liked. I hope you enjoy it. (Source: http://enui.tumblr.com/)