Drawn June 2015. The comic itself followed by a few color variations. I tried to rework and condense my old comic While a Soft Fog Wanders, which I feel in hindsight was not successful due in part to being wordless. From Over the Line: An Introduction to Poetry Comics, edited by Tom Humberstone and Chrissy […]


Almost No Memory, Lydia Davis Minor Leagues #1, Simon Moreton Hand-Made Facsimile, Tym Godek Some Gags Involving Mirrors, Tym Godek TEOFTW, Charles Forsman Flesh and Bone, Julia Gfrörer Watching Days Become Years #4, Jeff LeVine Department of Art, Dunja Jankovic Habitat, Dunja Jankovic Zona 01, ed. Frank Santoro The Santoro School Handbook for Making Better […]