Full List of Works in Print

With links to purchase as appropriate

Inkbrink 8 (January 2018, anthology contributor)

Warmer (September 2017, anthology co-editor and contributor)

All There Is (September 2017)

N (September 2017)

Read & Erase (September 2016)

M (September 2015)

Ley Lines: For Lines (September 2015, published by Czap Books and Grindstone Comics)

Over the Line: An Introduction to Poetry Comics (September 2015, anthology contribution)

Those Goddamn Fuckers (March 2015, written by Alec Berry)

Inaction Comics 1: Productivity (February 2015, anthology contributor)

Double Nickels Forever (November 2014, anthology contributor)

Fill’d/Empty’d (September 2014, in collaboration with Warren Craghead)

My Name is Martin Shears (August 2014)

Rebus (March 2014, anthology contributor in collaboration with Derik Badman)

While a Soft Fog Wanders (May 2014, out of print)

Black Pillars Issue Two (February 2014, out of print)

Variations/Deconstructions (November 2013, out of print)

Black Pillars Issue One (September 2013, out of print)

We Will Remain (April 2013, published by Retrofit Comics)