Over the past six months, @madeleinewitt and I have worked with 19 cartoonists from around the world to make something we’ve longed for: an anthology of comics that speak to the grief of climate change.   The book is called Warmer: A collection of comics about climate change for the fearful &  hopeful. Click here […]


Just a short strip this month, since I was working on longer projects. I’m now working on a third comic in this same vein (the first one is here) and they all feel…off somehow. Like I’m missing the mark. Not sure what I mean beyond that, or how to fix it. I’ll have to think […]


Here’s an autobio strip about making comics. This started as my 30 Days Comic project last fall, but I found it wasn’t working and I stopped. This version is restructed and cut down, hopefully to make it a smoother read as well as less focused on me individually. I think comics-about-comics are extremely difficult to […]


earnestattempts: I am launching my Patreon!!  And through it, three new ongoing regularly updating comics!!  Sketchbook Comic will continue, as well, meaning four comics in total.  Plus other rewards for patrons!   How it works is like, if I get more money, I make more comics basically.  Launching these new ones, and doing more pages […]


This month I posted a comic I made last year called Seeking Joy. I wanted to share it because the goal stated in the title is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. – Extended Play, Jake Terrell Perfect Hair, Tommi Parrish Altcomics Magazine #5, ed. Blaise Larmee Drone, Simon Hanselmann Secure Connect, Carta […]


These are getting longer. Should I start putting them under a cut? Here’s a preview of the book I’ve been working on since early 2016 – not continuously, but I’ve definitely put a lot into it. I wrote it in thumbnails, set it aside, then came back for edits and final pages. It’s about family […]


madeleinewitt: OPEN SUBMISSIONS NOW for an anthology of poetry comics made by and for people processing impending ecological disaster. There is a need for art that answers the pain of the anthropocene. This anthology will be a place to collectively confront the horror of a warming world: to mourn or dream or rage; to offer words of […]


I posted a comic on January 20th. An outpouring, an ode to the never-ending beauty of a scribble, the first of many attempts to say something about our immediate concerns while also remaining committed to other avenues of making it through. I also have a comic in the special issue of Inkbrick, for which a […]