comicsworkbook: Andrew White  “Mars” From a prompt by Derik Badman Made for Comics Workbook A few days ago, I asked people on Twitter to give me prompts for my Comics Workbook strips. I’ll take new ones if you’ve got them – words, phrases, or even formal constraints. I promise to use all of the good […]


I’ve accumulated a fair number of new followers here recently, mostly I assume through my Comics Workbook strips. Hello. I am very flattered that you are interested in my comics. I thought I might take a minute to direct you to some of my other work of which you might not be aware. First, in […]

Hello! I just wanted to say I really love your work. I’ve read a few of your comics online and I was hooked from the start. If I may ask you, how did you get into drawing comics? Did you study illustration in college?

Thanks, that’s very kind of you to say. I’m still in college now, but I’m not studying illustration or anything else art-related. I’ve always been interested in comics, and I’ve just slowly gotten better by drawing lots of them. One of the things that first encouraged me to be serious about comics, though, was a […]

June/July Reading List

Gloriana // Kevin Huizenga Project Ballad // Kevin Czapewski and Michael Peterson Cold Heat Special #1 // Frank Santoro and Jon Vermilya Ritual #1 // Malachi Ward Pope Hats #1 // Ethan Rilly Spider Monkey #1 // Jesse McManus and Austin English Eight Grade // Sam Alden Haunter // Sam Alden The Blonde Woman // […]