50 pages into this story. I’m thinking about shoujo manga and Mondrian, trying to use color and paneling/page layout as two central elements of my storytelling. I haven’t been able to get much drawing done this week, which is frustrating when I feel like I’m moving towards the end, like I’m on the precipice of […]

Comics Workbook Magazine Submissions Guidelines

Comics Workbook Magazine Submissions Guidelines I don’t know if anyone follows me here who isn’t familiar with Comics Workbook Magazine, which I co-edit. In any case, I hope you’ll consider getting in touch if this sounds at all appealing to you. comicsworkbook: Full submissions guidelines for Comics Workbook Magazine are now online (click through and […]


Hi! I’m going to be exhibiting at RIPE in Providence this coming weekend. Up top is My Name is Martin Shears, a show debut – it’s 24 b&w pages with hand-colored covers. It will be available online after the show. Also pictured are all the other books I’ll have available, including an anthology curated by […]

20 Questions With Andrew White

Research for a project led me to once again encounter Austin English’s old Twenty Questions with Cartoonists blog. If you’re not familiar, he asks a uniform set of interview questions to different cartoonists. They’re good questions, and for several of the people on the blog I would say this is among the most interesting interview […]


I am more actively aware of my own privilege as straight/white/cis/male thanks in no small part to discussions happening in the comics community. I don’t mean to say I wasn’t aware of this previously, or that I only relate to the world through comics. I also recognize that there are many problematic things being said […]