Here are early versions of two spreads from ‘Timeline,’ another story from M. The big vertical line shows me where each page will end in print. The horizontal line comes from my original idea that the entire story would function as a literal timeline, with vertical lines connecting each set of panels to that central […]


Now that it’s been available for a few weeks, I wanted to talk a bit more about my process for the stories in M. Above are early versions for pages from ‘A Long List of Good Reasons Why Not’ followed by the final pages. This is the final story in the book but the second […]

I was at the Tumblr meet up. The clapping was very standard polite clapping after conversations were interrupted for a standard, “thanks for coming to the tumblr meet up, there’s x, x and x over there feel free to grab stuff”. Of the people I spoke to and conversations I overheard no one was really gaga for tumblr. People were honestly there for the much needed free breakfast stuff and to mingle with other people.

(In response to this for anyone following along.) Yeah, that’s fair. Thanks for writing, and if I implied that people were fanatically cheering or anything that certainly was not the case. It’s great that SPX organized the meetup and I hope people had a nice time. I’m projecting because this sort of thing is on […]


Intended not as a “con report” and more as a collection of thoughts and observations accumulated over the weekend of Sept 19-20. Trying not to use names unless necessary – like, I know who I went to dinner with or who I spoke to at the show and hopefully they know I enjoyed myself, so […]


SPX! It’s coming up soon so here’s all my info. I’ll be at table B2 with Warren Craghead, right next to Telegraph Gallery. I’ll have several new things, all pictured above: M, Ley Lines: For Lives (also I believe available at Czap Books N13 and Grindstone Comics A14), and a new split zine with Warren. […]